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Tube fitting

 DOUBLE FERRULE compression fittings

BULK manufactures high quality compression and pipe fittings in various materials for any application requiring reliable tube connections with pressure tight sealing.
BULK compression fittings are designed, manufactured, sold and serviced by experienced instrument specialists understanding and respecting the need of reliable performance.


BULK compression fittings have all components made by the same material as the fitting body for thermal compatibility and corrosion resistance.
Standard construction materials are listen on table 2 section “how to order”.
It is recommended that the tubing and fitting be of same material to allow positive sealing and to avoid galvanic corrosion.


BULK compression fittings are rated for working pressure higher than the tubing, therefore pressure rating depends on choice of tubing which should be based on material, wall thickness and temperature (see table in "general info").
Degrating factors must be used to determinate tubing working pressure at high temperatures.
Please consult us if in doubt!

General Info How to order
Male connector Bulkhead female connector
Female connector Reducer
Male elbow Male adapter
Female elbow Female adapter
Union Male branch tee
Reducing union Male run tee
Bulkhead union Female branch tee
Union elbow Female run tee
Union tee Tube end closure
Union cross
Butt weld pipe connector Nut
Socket weld tube connector Front ferrule
Bulkhead male connector Back ferrule


Tube and pipe fittings

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